Poor Man's Pizza

Thanks to Mike Hart for submitting this quick 5 minute snack!

    As many slices of Vogel (4 grain bread) as you can eat
    Sardines in tomato
    HP Sauce or Tomato Ketchup of your choice

Toast required amount of Vogel bread to really dry it out, so toast each twice on a low toaster setting.

In a bowl mash the can of sardines in tomato with a dollop of HP sauce (or more ketchup!). Mix well.

Spread 1/4 of mush on each slice - I usually do two and two later.

Top with trimmings to taste, possibilities are slices of tomato, black olives, anchovies, capers, thin slices of sweet pickled cucumbers, cheese. Your taste buds will soon be screaming for mercy if you try them all at once!

Place slices near the edge of the microwave turntable (middle = no heating) and cook on full power for 1 minute.

Enjoy!! Please be careful as they can be extremely hot. Let them cool a little before eating :).