GOULD ENGINEERING Manufacturer of gold recovery devices employing very different and clever techniques.


Proline Mining Gold mining, prospecting, panning and dredging equipment manufacturer. Includes dredges, sluices, boxes, placer mining and other fine gold recovery equipment. Quality portable mining equipment.


Keene Engineering Manufacturer and Retailer of gold mining equipment.


NugGetTer Manually powered mini dredge for cracks and crevices.


Gold Fools Prospecting Prospecting and mining spiral gold pans for recreational and professional sampling, production, and clean-up of concentrates.


Gold Screw Inc. Manufacturer of gold recovery equipment.


Gold Leisure Products Manufacturer of the "GOLD MINER" spiral gold panning machine.


Camel Mining Products Manufacturer of the "DESERT FOX" gold panning machine.


Vcella Kilns, Inc. For over fifty years, we have engineered our kilns to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.


Century Mining Equipment Manufacturer of the "GOLD MAGIC" gold panning machine.


GOLDEN BOY, INC. Rotary Separator Recovery Systems.