The American History of Gold Mining This is a very well done article explaining the part gold played in American History from it first discovery in 1799 to present day. (a very special thanks to Jamie and her teacher, Ms. Deborah Ward, for submitting this link)


Costume of the California Gold Rush 1849-1859 Lengthy essay on the clothing of men, women, and children around Old West mining camps. Also touches on societal roles and ethnicity.


Herons Reef Historic Gold Diggings Gold mining site on 113 acres in Fryerstown, which remain as left when abandoned by the miners, offering 148 years of authentic gold history.


Bir Umm Fawakhir Ancient Egyptian gold mining site.


Coker Creek History Information on timbering and gold mining in the town's past.


Waanyarra Revisited Information about Waanyarra's history, pioneering families and fabulously rich gold mining past.


The Goldfields of Larder Lake Information on the history of the Larder Lake gold mining camp from 1906 to the 1950's. It tells the story of the mines and communities surrounding the lake .


Ballarat History Central Includes links to information on the region's gold mining, gardens and statues, the Eureka Stockade, architecture, visual and performing arts, film, transport, and American connections.


Iron Miners - Exploration of abandoned mines in the NorthEast and in Arizona. Lots of photos.


The Gold Rush - Presented by Larson Jewelers, a brief overview of the California Gold Rush. There are lots of links to more detailed information about gold, geology, mining methods, and environmental issues.


Dirt Travel - Going West in the US -


Geography of the Old West. A collection of numerous references relating to the expansion and development of the old west.
Guide To Gold Presented by myjewelrybox.com, an article about gold, it's history, uses, and numerous interesting facts with links.