Rocky Ledge Mining Supply Co. Precious Metals Recovery Systems, Process chemicals, recovery and stripping resins, and supplies.


CYPLUS - More than Cyanide Degussa describes its product lines and gives information about cyanide and its uses in the gold mining industry, electroplating, and organic synthesis.


Super Leach Super Leach field/lab/home leaching test and recovery kits.


ETI Canada Inc. - Manufacturer of explosives for mining and exploration offers a comprehensive look at its company.


Irish Industrial Explosives Limited - Manufacturers of explosives and accessories for mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries.


International Society of Explosives Engineers - Group aiming to promote safety of explosive use in the mining and manufacturing industries.


Indian Explosives Limited - Offers explosives to be used in mining, construction, and infrastructure industries.


Explosives Ltd -- Explosives Limited is Canada's Largest Explosives Distributor.


MOLEFE OPENING THE BULK MINING EXPLOSIVES FACTORY - Addresses by NW premier Popo Molefe at the opening of the bulk mining explosives factory in Fochville on October 25.


Dept. of Mining Engineering, University of Missouri - Rolla - Mining Engineering Degree with Explosives Engineering Emphasis.


MBendi Co -. Bulk Mining Explosives (Pty) Ltd.


African Explosives Limited - Leading manufacturer supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems, blasting.


The Commercial Explosives Industry - The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) is the safety association of the commercial explosives industry in the United States and Canada.


The Institute of Makers of Explosives (IME) -
The safety association of the commercial explosives industry in the United States and Canada.


The Institute of Explosives Engineers - Web site of the Institute of Explosives Engineers.


Orcia - Australian chemical company employing around 9,000 staff across approximately 30 countries.


BLASTERS Tool and Supply Co. - Direct source for blasting accessories.


HiEx Technologies Ltd - TeleBlaster telemetry blast initiation system was built for blasters by blasters; a wireless blast initiation system used to safely initiate explosives blasts.


Ace Explosives ETI Ltd - Manufacturer and Distributer of Explosives for the seismic, mining, construction and logging industries, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, serving Western Canada.


IDEAL SUPPLY INC. - Ideal Supply Inc specializes in a complete line of blasting, safety and surveying supplies and equipment.


K.N.J. Dion inc. - Spoutnik: hang-up blasting device for ore and waste passes.


GOEX, Inc. - Black Powder-- the tradition continues since 1912.


Ensign-Bickford Co. - Manufactures and markets non-electric explosive initiation systems.


Applied Explosives Technology
Explosives for mining, engineering and pyrotechnics for the film, television and advertising industries.


Bradley Metals - Manufacturer of metal explosives storage magazines.